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xoxchubbyxox (profile) wrote,
on 5-2-2005 at 5:49pm
Current mood: bored
Music: breathe*anna nalick
Subject: been a bit
well let me start off with my was great. Floridsa was beautiful while i heard it rained for u guys all week : P. Anyway...i stayed in a hotel on the beach ( St. Pete Beach ) and got to go to the tampa aquarium and busch gardens twice. it was so fun. it was over quick tho and now im back. lol

yesterday me and michelle worked on our retarded science labs... we made most of it up and hung around and ate lunch and looked at journals and yeah thats all i remember.

i think i mite make a livejournal....:)
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05-02-05 8:55pm

i miss u sooo much darien and in the summer we can visit each other since school wont get in the way....dont forget about me!!!
<33 julie

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Re:, 05-02-05 10:27pm

aww julie ill NEVER EVER forget about u silly. i cant wait either, it ill be just like last summer without the crying lol and more of the fun stuff ;-). and my sweet sixteen is in a bit too...and dont forget about urs!! my dad wants to have a limo pick all u guys up and drive u to my house when it comes around. well im all excited now haha ill ttyl!

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Re: Re:, 05-06-05 6:52am

hey darien.. i dont want this summer to be like last summer cuz you and julie ditched me most of the time! lol well anyways i cant wait to see you... you can stay with us for as long as you want in the summer (says my mommy) and it will be fun.. i think i want to throw julie a surprise sweet 16.. like a small one but i need help.. well it wont be a surprise if she reads this but ehh oh well then she can help too ! lmao! anyways i miss you so much and i feel like ever since you came up the last time we have grown apart even more. i dont want that to happen.. freshmen year was by far the funniest year ever.. fucking making fun of slavet and ms labossiere!! heheh anyways im about to leave for school in like 10 minuets so i gotta get ready.. uggg thank goodness its fucking friday yo!

i love ya girl

<3333 NikkiE

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Re: Re: Re:, 05-06-05 3:04pm

heyy nikkie lol...ofcoruse i didnt mean it like that...i want this summer to be aweosme with u, i cant wait to stay with u for a while... i had an awesome time over vacation. i definitely agree with u about the julie party thing tho lol we will! i miss freshamn year so was a blast compared to this year...i want u to come up here too in the summer... now that u can drive!! im sry if it feels like we have grown apart...cuz i know we havent...we definitely need to see eachother soon tho. i love and miss u soo much!


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05-26-05 5:52pm

LiveJournal's are so kickass.

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