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blondie17 (profile) wrote,
on 5-3-2005 at 1:19pm
so prom was fun! i cant believe it was the last highschool dance! ahh...this is all happening so quick. with everything thats gone on lately at least graduating soon is something i can smile about. although im slacking on that sense i havent even started my senior exhibition and we only have 12 more days of school left.

i like jason so much. hes so great. everytime that i think that its a little rough with him...he makes it so i dont feel that way. we are pretty much together without a title.
i do have a question i need answered though and im no about to write it in my journal. anyways my family hates him and i however adore him. almost everything about him. butterflies are in my stomach right now just from talking about it so im just going to stop. he told me that if and when we end up going out that we will have a really long relationship....he says," you know if we end up together that well be together for a really long time right...and we are pretty much already together" so i think that hes giving me hope....not sure if thats what i need but im glad im getting it. im not going to give up on this. he told me not to give up on him and that only time can tell so i guess ill see and i wont give up thats for sure.
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05-08-05 6:53pm

did you get to see Liza Armock's practice exhibition? I helped w/those chocolate tortes. delicious.

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