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mle (profile) wrote,
on 5-5-2005 at 7:17pm
Current mood: . frustrated .
Music: . no doubt . dark blue .
. dipas, this is the second time you have let me down this week
i don't think we can be friends anymore .

the humor in that, by the way, is that dipas is my prof. well, a nickname for him at least. i hate profs who say they'll have a paper back on a certain day... then don't... and say 2 days later for sure... and then no email about it. GRRRR
so now i'm stuck because i need to be studying for my last (and, by far, hardest exam tomorrow) but i can't because he didn't tell me about my paper (which directly affects how/what i study), and my most reliable helper in that class is out to eat with our friends... for the past 2 hours. *screams while pulling out hair*

but at 9 i'm getting dinna with my love, richelle. then it's watching the oc that i taped. :) i love her. i cannot wait. but my studying will definitely not be done until the wee hours of the morning... grr again!

i seriously hate myself on days like these... gorgeous, free days like these. ones that make me want to cruise grand haven with friends. and then i remember i'm fat, ugly, and never do anything w/ anyone during the day. because i'm one of those ppl that you love to get calls from and party with, but never think of to call to just hang out or go shopping with.
blah. i hope gorgeous girls feel this bad about themselves at least occasionally. that would mean that there is at least *some* justice in the world.

regardless, there is no justice in the world.

and i'm so sick of marcus... and it's only my second day back in good ole GR. what am i going to do with that kid in italy for 12-fricken-days?!
i guess it just goes to show that we really aren't meant to be together.
which makes me feel a lot better about pursuing a certain someone...

ps my hair is red.
and by red i mean 90% of it is an awesome shade of chocolate-cherry... and my roots are neon pinkish-purplish-red. because i forget that my natural hair color is significantly lighter than my typical hair color. italy pictures will be some to remember - hahaha (departure in T minus 54 hours)
i need to stop my addiction to home-dying.
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05-05-05 11:22pm

oh hey. tomorrow is senior skip day.

we were contemplating going to the beach, but it looks like that fell through.

i'll let you know if we reschedule : )

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