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Kate (profile) wrote,
on 5-7-2005 at 6:01pm
Music: Red Hot Chili Peppers - Scar Tissue
Subject: Dear friends,
So.. this summer I'm going to Romania. Romania's an overpopulated country in Europe. I heard it's really beautiful there. I'm excited and will be staying for two weeks, July 1 - July 15.

Why and how am I going to Romania? It's a mission trip. I'm going to help out the orphanages there, (like I said, it's overpopulated so many children are abandoned,) and I'll also do street evangelism and dramas. That's the why. Now how? Well.. for $2,786.. everything is provided for. Airfare, accommodations, food, and training. But I'm not rich.. I'm trying really hard to raise the funds because I feel like I should go on this trip and I want to more than anything else I could be doing this summer. I've mailed out letters, asked a church to support me.. I haven't had much luck though.

I know you all have fast food or no jobs, so you're about as wealthy as I am, but if you're willing, a donation would be greatly greatly appreciated. A donation of anything. $10, $5, $1. I don't care, it'll help. So if you can, please, and thank you very much.
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05-07-05 6:34pm

heh, you're already starting the evangelism.
God wants you to send me money!

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Re:, 05-08-05 6:37pm

No, I want you to send me money! :D

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05-07-05 11:53pm

That is awesome. Take me with you!

If I have the money, which I will, since I'm landing my self a job as an office bitch, I'll donate. Definitely.

Think about the photo opportunities. And of course, helping people improve their living conditions. But the photos! Whew.

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05-08-05 2:19am

It is not that far from Slovakia...(i guess)... You should stop for visit:)

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05-08-05 12:24pm

i wish you luck and i'll try to gather a few dollars for you

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Re:, 05-08-05 6:36pm

Thank you love :)

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05-09-05 5:32pm

wow kate that trip sounds amazing. i dream of doing missionary work someday. i will try my best to help you.actually i have 20-something dollars in change i can give. its my piggy money so thus the reason for it being in change. im sure this will be a memorable event so be sure to make the most of it! :)

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Re:, 05-09-05 6:56pm

aw, thank you Kaylen. I am really excited. If I get to go I'll bring you back pictures :)

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