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losttt (profile) wrote,
on 5-10-2005 at 1:11am
the best way to satisfy your need for example.
is for you yourself. to become the sample
take your own medicine first. before you decide.
to dispense this thirst. curse; having no subside.
message in. simile. pretty simply. a way to tell you
of a downing story, one of a boy imploring for his
mother's wounds to heal, for all your shit to feel
i'll be your martyr. saint. knight. fighter. lover.
give to me your pain crucify me before a hurt hurts you

i just write random shit. gone through alot going through alot now and the future shows no have to fight the hard fight...ill fight it harder then any youve seen...for you babe...for anyone whos good...ill fuck up whatevers thrown
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you are amazing, 08-27-06 10:03pm

I love you will all my heart.

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