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chuckitatthewall (profile) wrote,
on 5-12-2005 at 6:09pm
Subject: crap
i'm so stupid and jealous and annoying. i did something stupid today and i feel bad about it. why don't i ever think before i say anything?? thats something i really gotta wrok on. i always tell myself that but then when something is bothering me i just blurt out almost everything thats in my head and then i end up regretting having said half of those things. its really fucked up and i'm stupid. i cant even do well at school or anything i try. cause i'm an idiot and i feel so fucking messed up all the time. uncomfortable being around people cause i think they hate me or that they dont want me there. i blame that stupid ass shawn for picking on me when i was in the 4th grade for some of my stupid issues. i am sad and whiny and dumb.

yea well anyway. my sister and mother are being screwed up again. but at least i get to see her every once in a while.
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06-09-05 5:27pm

Howdy there, Marilyn! Hope you're summer has been good so far.

I keep thinking that my sleeve is the dog.

Anyway, I was wondering if you would want to come camping with my mom and my sister next Wednesday and Thursday night.
We would leave on Wednesday at probably 10:30 in the morning and then come home Friday. It won't be in a motorhome or anything, but it might be cool. I'll call you about it in a bit too!
So just wondering if you would like to come! Thanks dude! I'll talk to you later! Hope you had a fun time in Shasta!

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Re:, 06-09-05 5:28pm

and me. My Mom and my sister and me. Oopsie poopsie.

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