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User:chuckitatthewall (user# 13678)
Location: bay area, California, United States
AOL IM:chuckitatthewall [add buddy]
Bio:i hate abercombie, hollister and anyother brand of preppy clothes. i really dont like preppy people and cheerleaders.
Friends:(4) chuckitatthewall, dukespartnerincrime, LittleDamion, LoupGarou
Friend Of:(4) chuckitatthewall, dukespartnerincrime, LittleDamion, LoupGarou
Interests:(3) english dudes. irish dudes. irish tranvestite dudes aka cillian murphy. old stuff. clouds/rain not because i'm an emo person. coldplay, music from the 60's., the doors
Created:2003-09-29 22:50:04
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