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ddeastroyer (profile) wrote,
on 5-15-2005 at 5:06pm
Current mood: thoughtful
Music: Something Classical On The Radio
Subject: So much to think about...
I have been thinking so much latley... There is a lot more to think about now that I am realizing more and noticing things more than i used to... I will try and ignore that stuff that is going on and not worry about it as much right now...

I have really been into the classical musical latley... I know most people would say they dont like classical music and that I am a fag for listening to that kind of music... But you know what?... F*** them... I dont give a s*** what they think... I dont really care... I really dont... I like classical music and if you dont... Then thats your opinion... I dont care about your opinion... Because I hate people... Nothing personal... But in general I hate people... I notice it more often now... Am I isolating myself?... Whatever... Or am I just growing up faster than I thought?... Whatever it is... I am different from most people my age and its great... I wouldnt have it any other way...

Yet again sorry for not updating, but now I have a chance and I will give you a run through on what has been happening...

Today I ran the Bay to Breakers... Its a 12k(About 7.5 miles) and it was tough for me... It was pretty hard, but I did it without stopping and I met my goal... But after seeing the winner's(Kenyan... Duh...) time... That guy broke 35 minutes... That insanely crazy... Under 5 minute mile pace... Damn I suck compared to him... I felt like I was really slow... But thats Ok I was really proud of myself...

Whole Race: 58:57
Pace Per Mile: 7:54
Pace Per Kilometer: 4:54

My goal was to race an hour or less... I am so proud... It was a fun run too... Nice weather... And I smoked my dad by a good 7 or 8 minutes... Boo ya!

Had Vallejo band review this weekend... I think we did pretty good... Not in marching... Oh no, not in marching... We suck big donkey balls in marching... But in concert I thought we did good... The only problem was that we were out of tune... I had a lot of solos and parts where I was singled out... A few people told me that I sounded really good... Were they being nice or were they serious?... I dunno... No trophy... But I am still proud... Though... Our marching band got third place... I think there were only 3 bands in our division though... Becuase our scores were horrible...

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05-16-05 12:20am

I was just beginning to wonder what had become of you. Glad you're back.

You know what would make you feel better about your times? Running a race against me. XD

Who the hell is insulting you for liking classical music? There's nothing wrong with classical music. I myself am a fan. And it's not like you have to like classical music and nothing else. It's good to have varied tastes. That's the best way to do it, I think. You can't really appreciate something unless you know what other forms of it are like.

Although I suppose it would also just get to me that anyone would use fag as an insult. I find it awfully offensive. (And, honestly, what would someone's musical preference have anything to do with their sexual preference? The two are totally unrelated XP)

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05-16-05 8:21pm

hello there. I felt like kicking Bon Jovi in the balls and let me just say first, it felt great.

Anyway, classical music is awesome dude. I like it too and I'm pretty young compared to the average classical music listener. People are stupid when they insult things like that. Oh yea. And country music. I don't like it but I hate how people are mean to people who do..its really screwed up.

Bay to Breakers is crazy. I once went dressed up but it didn't compare to any of the other costumes. I was like 10 anyway..people don't pay much attention to 10 year olds.

Ok so now that I have bored you with this comment. I'll be going. Interesting journal you have by the way.


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05-17-05 12:16am

classical music is cool. i play it all the time. i personally think it is much more relaxing than those hard rock/metal/hip hop/emo stuff they have today. its alright. like you said, theres nothing to be ashamed of for liking classical music.

your times look good to me... wanna trade?


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05-17-05 1:16am

Wow, everyone left really long comments, while here I am with my puny lil comment.

Haha, Jake - you're a softie for my pouting and whimpering. ADMIT IT!

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