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love4skate (profile) wrote,
on 5-18-2005 at 8:21am
Music: brittany.
Subject: poop.
hey guys. well.. ive been slammed with work in my computer class. Grah. they "hose" you as Hill would say.. at the end of the year. its sucks rank ass. well this weekend i hung out with brittany. we went to alicias party. Then brittany slept over on sunday. we went to school. nothing interesting happened monday..that i can think of right now. yesterday went to work. called robin. talked to him for a bit. then went to the doctors. for my 3--month check--up. i need my glasses i dontk now when my moms gunna get off her lazy ass and take me. anyway, after that i went to work. me&ben had to stay till freaking 9. then we had to go to walmart where i was gunna meet jon. but i didnt look for him. lol. me and ben got gas. then headed home. we blarred some sweet music. everyones tellign me and him to go out. and shit. and we're like "we're like family" what the crap. its none of anyones business about me &him. his ex--gf's like.. thats how we started as she laughed. hahahahaha. thats like so totally funny. hahahahaha. fucking blonde headed noisy ass noog. she needs to seriously shut it. anyway, so far today is going alright. me and alison almost got into a huge fight. thank god alicia started talking. i got new medicine yesterday. i took it this morning. i feel the same..
Side Effects: May Grow Penis.
hahahahaha. funny stuff. i really like *him* what a poop. jeez. grah. i dont know what else to say. im out.
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05-18-05 9:08am

loser. lol

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