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love4skate (profile) wrote,
on 5-19-2005 at 8:41am
Current mood: chipper
Music: country shit.
Subject: i♥brittany marie.
well.. brittany slept over last night :) again. we had a grand ol time. we watched "White Noise" it kinda sucked. but oh well. my moma dukes is picking us up from school;taking us to britts;taking care of her mom;shade is getting us food;and then shades gunna take us to my house;brittany shall sleep over again. ive been having an awesome time while brittany has been over :) well.. i cant wait till after school. :) its gunna be effing awesome. :) anyway, jon texted me from his moms cell this morning in class. and we talked for a few. then he said he couldnt talk,and to write him a note and that he loves me. and i wrote him a note. saw him after 1st;gave it to him;i started walking away.. and i guess he wanted a hug and i didnt even notice. so when i went back to give him a hug hes like "whatver" and gave my 2 friends a hug. i was like fuck you then ya poop. i didnt say that but i wanted to. wow, i like him alot. i dont want to put hes like permenantly attached to my heart. its crazy. he could take my heart out of my chest throw it on the it break;and i'd still love him. but when he takes my heart he gives it back in one piece. most of the time.he has no idea how much i like him. well..i dont know if he knows. but then again i like robin. : \ me&him are buds :) hes like "emily will you be my bud?" and im like "heck yess" this was yesterday on the phone :) it was cool.he makes me happy. :) golly. i hate this.poop. ok well, im gunna go now.
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05-21-05 12:56am

don't steal my poop. word. ok fine we can share it.


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Re:, 05-23-05 8:53am

haha. i say that sooo fucking much dude. lol. fine we can share it.


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