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lifestourniquet (profile) wrote,
on 5-23-2005 at 12:57am
Current mood: melancholy
Subject: Thankgod for MP3 players
Hmmm. Krystal, my sibling of seventeen years. Was very annoyed at my mother this morning. You see my mother was meant to wake up at approximatley eight o'clock in the morning and take my even younger sibling to school. Thus Krystal pranked her from my mobile phone to see if she was awake, it got to nine thirty and my mother still was not calling back. So we walked down here and arrived at find my mother sitting on the porch smoking a cigarette and drinking tea looking strangely comftorable.

See now this wouldn't have annoyed krystal if only krystal hadn't promised dad that she would stay down here with mum and gemma to make sure gemma was okay. So now krystal fears that my father shall blame her for Gemma missing school. But see this is not to be Krystal's fault as last night she was meant to go to work then go to mum and dad's. However, her "bosses" turned around, half an hour late, messaged her and said "Oh, sorry, we dont need you now" Which fucked krystals ability to get down here. So yes, dad may now have a psychotic fit at krystal for her leaving gemma down here. To make it worse, mother was drunk last night. (As if thats a change from any other night)

Anyhow, on to lighter topics. The candle thing I had intended to do? It went off really well. The room's say it bluntly, Unbelievably beautiful....I mean they show candles on movies right? Where the room's lit up? Trust me, its so far from what it actually looks like, you just cant take in the grace of it until you see it in person. Well she loved it....and the love letter I had written her upon the desk. Though in my complete nervous state I completely forgot to turn on the music *cries* Ah well, apart from that it went...really really well. It was a beautiful moment. I loved it, Ive never done something like that before.

Ive started artwork also. Fantasy/Dark fantasy/Science fiction. I figure its the fastest way I'll get my stories out. So Im going to practice and practice and practice and hopefully get really good to the point where I can at least do the concept art for my own stories and games and then take them to a producer.

Also, I dont know if Ive said this before, but I want to start learning guitar, Lauren has offered me hers to practice with. Anyhow....I'll leave it here. Take care all.
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05-23-05 3:21pm

I cleaned out my friends page. If you would like to be added back as my friend, please comment.

Thanks, bye.

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07-07-05 1:31pm

hey babe!!!!

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07-15-06 2:50am

where the heck have you gone?

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01-15-07 1:31pm

you havent updated in a year and a half. i was just thinking about you and wondering if you were still alive and what you were up to if you were...

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