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CallistoMoon (profile) wrote,
on 5-29-2005 at 12:28am
Current mood: curious
Music: Simple and Clean ~ Utada Hikaru
Subject: <33333
In a better mood. Wedding and Hoggard graduation yesterday. Two words to describe each:

1. Boring
2. Hot

Anyway, I'm gonna go to Olivias and spend the ngiht or something. Eh . .no idea. Go swimming . .w00t.

Still need a job -.- I'm never goign to come up with $180. Grrr. That sucks.

Anyway, ciao.

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05-29-05 4:21pm

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Rhianna, 06-05-05 9:48pm

Become a prostitute...i hear it pays well. You get like 200 bucks for just one job....Havnt you ever seen pretty woman? lol just kidding. You mow the grass for me parents would be happy so they might pay you.

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