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sugarjackj (profile) wrote,
on 6-5-2005 at 4:41pm
Subject: Just to show everyone what really DID happen at prom....
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06-05-05 5:52pm

it seems i have this amazing ability to be caught on camera in "compromising positions"

this particular position being attacked from behind by mitch armstrong. at least i seem to be enjoying myself.

and you can't deny... the vest is effin' hot.

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Re:, 06-05-05 6:08pm

And Phil looks like he's pimping you Chris.

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Re: Re:, 06-05-05 6:43pm

That would be because he is....

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Re: Re:, 06-05-05 8:31pm

pimpin ain't easy but I gotsta get paid somehow

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