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1010101 (profile) wrote,
on 6-21-2005 at 4:40pm
Subject: The Fulminating Greatness of My 4th of July Party
Alright, so, as I already mentioned briefly at Katie's open-house, I will be having another 4th of July party this year. It will start around 6:00 and end whenever my parents kick everyone out (probably sometime between midnight and 1). As was the case last year we will have a veritable arsenal of *cough* illegal *cough cough* fireworks. We will also have pizza at some point, and there will be home-made ice-cream (which is at least 20 times better than store-bought ice-cream or any kind of home-made ice-cream you've ever had before (damn, do you think I could get anymore hyphens in here?).

Other than that I'm not 100% certain on any details. Aside from the standard activity of blowing stuff up, we do also have several movies (and animes for anyone who's into that), I have my PS2 with a few multiplayer games, and of course there is billiards in my basement.

So, that's it for now. Feel free to make any suggestions here or just call me up (863-0964). Oh, yes, and everyone is invited, so feel free to get the word out (as in please tell everyone in the group that you can, I don't want to look up everyone's phone-numbers again since I lost nearly all of them just this spring , just don't invite someone I don't know without letting me know first.)

I hope to see you all there ^_^
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06-21-05 9:56pm

I'll be sure to come, but only after work, because knowing them everyone else who asked for it off got it off so there will be four servers on the floor and that will include me. So yeah, I'll hopefully be there!

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06-24-05 9:44pm

I will so incredibly come if I can get the 4th off. Which is iffy.

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06-28-05 12:23pm

I'll be there if I'm feeling okay. I wanna but sickness = blurghy.

Nick might come, I don't know if he has to work that night or not.


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