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Kimmay2007 (profile) wrote,
on 6-25-2005 at 12:05am
Current mood: apathetic
Music: Death Cab for Cutie - All is full of Love
Subject: my glorious friday
this morning i woke up at like 11 to go down to the post office to get the thing from the DMV that tells me pretty much that i cant get my licenese till im 18!! aint that depressing i sure was pissed/depressed when i found out....... so after that i sat around the home for a few hours feeling sorry for myself. then Grace took me shopping i reckon to make me feel better. it sure did work too lol well frist we went and ate Mexican but we went to the one in huntington so i didnt get to see my hottie lol....... then after that we went to the mall looking for me a bathing suit. which we had no luck at... at the mall at least.. cause all of them i tryed on either my butt was screaming at me telling me it didnt want in that suit anymore and tryed to escape or my boobs was seting them selfs Free from the suit lol it was pretty interesting........ well then we made our way down to old navy cause i wanted to bugg Jennay a little lol. but she was running around WAY to much to talk to me. it was very sad.... then we left the mall and went to goodies to look for a bathing suit and i found one YAY... and i called mom to make sure she didnt get taken to jail for driving with out her licenese and getin in a wreak........but she didnt get taken away so yeah good for mom lol............well then we left goodies and went to the shoe show to look for shoes of course lol but all of them i found was ugly or was way to high for me lol...... so we left and i almost begged Grace to let me drive seeing since i only have about one more month to drive ..... but you know Grace she wouldnt let me...... mean ol Grace..... well then we finally got home and i went out and took care of all the animals..... then i was bored thankfully Keshia called and saved me tho but only for a little while cause mom called and it took 100 years to get to where Keshia was and by that time she was gone and i tryed to call her back but no one answered.. then i sat and watched TV for a while and took a shower and now here i am updating this beasty thing. and talking to Keshia....... welps thats all i have for you today... Leave me some comments would ya... no one does its very depressing anymore

Much Love and God Bless
Kimberly Dawn
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06-25-05 1:50am

KIM!!!!! I ♥ YOU!!

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Re:, 06-27-05 8:58pm

Kim!! Why can't you get your license til you're 18?
We sooo haven't talked forever darlin' we need to catch up!

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