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misskriss516 (profile) wrote,
on 7-2-2005 at 8:28am
Current mood: awake
Music: jojo's circus on disney (just what i turned on, geeze)
Subject: 7 thirty am waKe up "call"
well... ben left ME! :`( i wish i could have went w. him [and mamma pop and josh], but the damn job situation was so up in the air that i couldn't say for sure if I could go or not. Blah--stupid j-o-b-s! [On that note.. I did get one. Not in California though. Boo. Its at Hilltop Labs w. the mother. I will NOT be working with rodents though...thank the LORD!] So anyway, we spent a little time together before he left. I went with him to Sandhill Berries in Mt. Pleasant. It was quite a cute place, I must say [and soooo mamma popson-ish] {ha!} After that we just did some errand running and then went back to his house to finish packin him up and what not. So needless to say I watched Coach Carter again w. parental and parental's boyfriend. [That movie is too amazing-- love it!] Ben called when he got to his hotel room in VA. So we talked for a good while and sadly, I already started missing him. Pathetic, right?? [But he's equally pathetic, so it completely cancels my pathetic-ness out! :)]

--TODAY: The first thing I hear this morning is the phone ringing and then mom comes in my room and mumbles something about an emergency. Well, that WAKES ME RIGHT UP and instantly I think something has happened to Benjamin. As it turns out, my oh-so-clever boyfriend's emergency was nothing more than a sure way of seeing that I would actually get the phone. [Apparently, he knows my mamma does not MESS with her daughter's beauty rest!] So, the "emergency" was a clothes emergency! He forgot all his shirts at home and needed me to look up an American Eagle in North Carolina. That sounds like something I would do, not my disgustingly responsible boyfriend. Anyways, this brings me to why I am still up and journaling, opposed to falling back asleep. I have decided that I no longer like John. When I explained the situation to my mother, John pipes up and says that Ben needs to be respectful. I'm thinking... dude, it's almost 8 oclock and Ben knows both of them get up way earlier than that, so no harm done. Well, he then says "that boy" [referring to Ben] calls here at 11thirty sometimes 12oclock when my mother needs to be up in the morning for work. FIRSTLY, he barely ever calls that late [not that THAT is even late, for lords sake]. In fact, I can't even think of the last time he called that late. Usually he just messages me on the computer so I know he got home safely or lets me know he is calling so I answer it on the first ring. SECONDLY, I didn't realize my mother can't speak for herself. If she had a problem with it, she should have, oh I dunno, SAID SOMETHING. Thats if "SHE" even had a huge problem with it-- my suspicion is that Ben has called here when John has stayed the night [which is pretty much a daily routine these days] and "he" thought it disrespectful and at THAT POINT perhaps mother thought the same. After all, Johns word is as good as gold around these parts so if he thinks its terribly wrong, why DAMN, it must be terribly wrong. Oh, I'm so pissed that this man threw the "DISRESPECT" card at my boyfriend. Ben may be alot of things, but THAT is not one of them. EW ew eW!

So, the agenda today seems to be going a little something like this, my insane mother thinks that since I am up we can go grocery shopping. Does she NOT see the time?? And then, we're going to come back here..shower up.. and head out with the Speeney family for some independence day festivities. Tomorrow is Jon's grad party where there WILL be a kickass OLDSCHOOL kickball game, baby!! Right, Jonathan Schroyer?? Yeah--he knows whats up! And then, Monday MY WONDERFUL BOYFRIEND will be back in the flesh. Yes,! And we're going to catch the fireworks in Monroeville.

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07-02-05 7:55pm

I was just random journaling, and wanted to say I love your layout, it's sooo cute!


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hey, 12-04-07 6:47pm

got any pics of Jonathan Schroyer by chance? I think I might know him

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