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Kate (profile) wrote,
on 7-9-2005 at 11:25pm
Subject: Hell: A Vacation from Home
1. British Lit - Millard
2. United States History I & II - Hazel, Norkus
3. Anatomy & Physiology - McDonald
4. Geometry - Neier
5. Bible As/In Lit - Olsen
6. Yearbook - Stark

There's my schedule. Tell me what you think/know about the teachers and classes. Oh, and if you're in any of my classes.
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07-09-05 11:41pm

millard is smart and nice

nokus is kinda weird.. i duno. most people like him i think

mcdonald gets off topic waaay too much but he knows his stuff just doesn't know how to teach it and he's a really nice guy and always means well

neier is.... a freak but... he's a good teacher overall

olsen is funny

stark well..

you know stark.

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07-09-05 11:47pm

You got Norkus?! Savor every moment. He's a brilliant teacher.

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07-10-05 4:19am

o god it just hit me...member when i was talking about how the biggest thing i would miss was the comfort and security that came with highschool and waking up every morning and knowing that school was the most imporant thing in the world...its gone. and now im scared, o god it really just hit me. i dont have anything to keep me safe.

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07-10-05 12:32pm

I think your really going to like Anatomy! I did, and Mc D is a good teacher too. Hes really nice and you can get away with basically anything, If you wanted to. Its mostly all easy memorization, which bones and parts are where, and what they do. But yeah, he does tend to get off topic, If you need some extra time to study for a quiz, just mention football. That will give you an easy twenty minutes. :)

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07-10-05 1:07pm

We have yearbook together. :)

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07-10-05 3:53pm

We have 5th and 6th together. Bahmb.

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07-22-05 2:39pm

i miss geometry with neier

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