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pinkicing11 (profile) wrote,
on 7-14-2005 at 1:34am
Current mood: excited
Music: [Fall Out Boy ... Sugar, We're Going Down]

SO! Work today was so boring! Me and Rae had the worst luck, lol. It was sad. I dropped a box on her head, it was quite funny but I felt bad cause I laughed so hard. LOL. The pop machine was acting up, and making loud noises so we had to have someone fix that then the ice cream decides it's not gonna freeze, and comes out all runny...haha. Corey came down to talk to me like 3 different times, cause he was there helping his dad move stuff from the old golf place to the new. He is so nice to me, it just makes my day!! LoL. I also ♥ his new background on his phone. Few of you know what I mean. Yea, I know....I suck me and my no-detailed journal entrys. Oh well. If you ever wanna know anything that i'm beating around the bush about, just ask and i'll tell you unless I hate you. J/K! haha. Anyway. I talked on the phone for a lil while after I got home then I got on the net and I have been since. Yeehaw. Mom has been a lil angry with me lately cause I don't eat like, anything. I can't help it. I duno what's wrong with me i'm just never hungry. All I had all day today was a blizzard and 6 chicken nuggets. Maybe it's the heat or the sickness I feel after I leave work every night. I swear, that popcorn makes me want to puke.
Speaking of mom, I think she might let me go to Banana Joe's Tuesday night, if Sarah, the gang...Darrell and all them go. I hope so!! I am so excited about this! I asked dad about it and he didn't seem to care. I was like 'You need to tell mom YES!' and he's like 'Ok? Do I?' I'm like UMMM YEAH! haha. I just wanna go out and have fun. I wanna dance! I got my fingers crossed. This journal is lame anyway, I need a LIFE all I ever talk about anymore is work & Corey, well Sarah too. LoL. But yeah, I gots an FFA meeting tomorrow at noon & I'm riding with Sarah to work and then I think we're goin to eat at Bob Evans see little Bendy. Aw. haha.
Well I think i'm outta here...! Later y'all!

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07-14-05 10:15am

I love love love your layout and icon!! It's really super cute, and I totally love Fall Out Boy [especially Pete Wentz].


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Re:, 07-14-05 10:49am

Yes, I agree very cute! :]


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Wait, 07-15-05 12:23am

"Oh well. If you ever wanna know anything that i'm beating around the bush about, just ask and i'll tell you unless I hate you. J/K! haha"...That so seems like something i'd write lol

And never ever refer to me as "little Bendy" again lol


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Re: Wait, 07-15-05 1:42am



little bendy

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