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pinkicing11 (profile) wrote,
on 7-16-2005 at 1:22am
Current mood: calm
Music: [Montgomery Gentry ... Something To Be Proud Of]
Subject: Another one of those pointless entrys...

LALA! Today has been exceptionally boring. I actually like going to work now because those are the days I get to see Corey & sumtimes Sarah. Hmm...I slept late today then got up and talked on the phone then went to Chili's with mom and dad and then went to Value City & Wal-Mart. Ehh, we got home around 11, dad stayed on here forever then I finally got to get on here. Well, Corey didn't call me like he said he was gonna and I was all depressed then I got on the net and he was on...he said he'd tried to call a few times but couldn't get thru (cause dad was on) and he appologized like a million times for not calling sooner but he worked all It was okay. haha. He's going to 'make it up to me' or so he says. LoL....he said he would play for me tomorrow. YAY! I can't wait.
I gots to work 12-6 but i'm gonna try to get down there sooner. Afterwards, I think we're all gonna go see a movie. I'm 'cited. YAYZ! Well i'm gonna go now, that's all I really had to say. Pointlessness!

Because i'm bored...

LOTS & LOTS of band pics...

Image hosted by

Papa Roach...

Image hosted by

Everytime the 'Scars' video comes on I go crazy over him ^ hot.

Image hosted by

Lifehouse >> these guys don't really belong with this group of pics but...they're great so, BLAH!

Image hosted by

Green Day...UHUHUH! So hot....

Image hosted by

I think i'm in love with Billie Joe =]

Image hosted by

Taking Back Sunday. MUCH greatness.

Image hosted by

Uh-huh...Gerard, yuuuum!

Image hosted by

Hawthorne Heights...good music.

Image hosted by


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07-16-05 11:21am

Hehe thanks for the eye candy Shama! I gotta say I think Billie Joe is by far the hottest guy you posted. He is so darn hot!

Ohh yeah, have fun this evening with Corey!


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Re:, 07-17-05 5:15pm

I think the guy from Papa Roach (not sure what his name is) and Billie Joe are the hottest ones....♥

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Re: Re:, 07-17-05 6:56pm

The guy from Papa Roach's name is Jacoby Shaddix, i believe...


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