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pinkicing11 (profile) wrote,
on 7-19-2005 at 1:24am
Current mood: chipper
Music: [Fall Out Boy ... Sugar, We're Going Down]
Subject: Is this more than you bargained for yet?

So's it been going? Pretty boring here, lately that is.
I went to the mall a lil early to hang out with Corey & Sarah was there too, well...they were together and I met up with em. We saw John, Ben & Alan while we were there...talked to them for a few. Harry Potter. I am so glad no one else I talk to is obsessed with that, I don't think I could take it....ha. Yeah, anyway, I told Corey I was coming early and that he'd better play for me, so he was greatness he played 'Holiday', 'Rape Me', 'When September Ends' and 'You and Me' I was like UHUHUHUH the whole time. =] That's so hotttttt. Yea well, once that ended I had to go to work. Really boring because we had about ehhh...maybe 30 customers all evening. But I like it that way. Free time = awesomeness! Oh...Sarah and I reported this old guy who always comes by and trys to get in the gate, and like begs people for money. The security guard told us that he as alztheimers (sp?) and they're gonna try to do something about him. Corey came down at about 9:30 and walked me out to the car n stuff. He makes me feel safe =] ...then I came home. Talked on the phone some, then mom and dad got online and booked a hotel for KI and stuff. I am looking forward to it in a way but then i'm not. I dunno....glad to be off work for 3 days though. Tomorrow night I think we're going to Banana Joe's. My moms being weird about it though. She won't tell me if i'm allowed to go for sure. I dunno why she's being that way about it...we're not gonna get into trouble, well at least i'm not, i'm a good kid. I just want to listen to music, possibly dance and hang out with friends. But yeah, Sarah wants me to spend the night with her afterwards. So I guess if i'm allowed to go, ima stay with her.
I'm watching a show on MTV now called T-Minus rock...and Fall Out Boy is #1. How great is that...? WOW. Yeah, i'm proud. This video is hilarious. Kinda weird know. They are sooo flippin hot. Oh yeah, speaking of hot I had Holiday and Scars in my head alllllll day today. I was like SHUT UP! haha...but the vision of those guys in my head, man. I was like UHUHUHUHUH! LoL.
Well I think i'm gonna get outta here and maybe go to sleep or watch TV. Talk to y'all later!

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07-19-05 4:56pm

Eww Harry Potter sucks, I agree.

Yay for watching guys play guitar.. that does=hott.

An old guy who begs for money.. that would scare the hell outta me.


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Re:, 07-20-05 2:10am

First off...Harry Potter is excellent, Papa Roach suck, and Common makes much more sense...

That last line is probably too complicated for anyone, Snap!

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Re: Re:, 07-21-05 1:35am

Shut up Ben...haha

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