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unbleachedblond (profile) wrote,
on 7-19-2005 at 2:03pm
Current mood: somewhat perplexed
Subject: welcome to yet another complication in my life
i am rh-negative. this means that my body lacks a certain protein on the surface of my red blood cells. if my baby's father is rh-negative as well, the baby is fine. if my baby's father is rh-positive, then my baby is in danger. my immune system will recognize my baby's rh-positive red blood cells as foreign to my rh-negative blood and will begin producing antibodies intended to destroy my baby's blood cells. chances are, the first pregnancy will not be affected. by the second pregnancy, however, the antibodies will have had time to grow in strength and number. Once the antibodies begin attacking, they can lower a baby's red blood cell count, which can lead to jaundice, anemia, mental retardation, and heart failure, among other problems. it can also be fatal in utero or shortly after delivery. which is where the rhogam shot comes in. the rhogam shot helps neutralize these antibodies, and thus saves the baby.

the downfalls of the rhogam shot...

1.) the shot neutralizes the doing so it also seriously handicaps the immune system.

2.) the shot is made from human plasma and carries a high risk of transmitting undetectable infectious diseases.

3.) the shot also contains a high amount of mercury. the mercury from the shot, combined with the immunizations that a child is required to receive, yields a gut-wrenchingly high risk of autism.

so...its either i have only one child, stand risk for my kids to have severe problems, or simply screen potential fathers. so to avoid all this jus gunna haveta screen everyone before i sleep with them. another annoying aspect of my life.
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07-19-05 8:10pm

well, that sounds like fun...

...and what a turn on, as well! lol

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