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uke (profile) wrote,
on 7-21-2005 at 8:12pm
Current mood: amused
Music: The Pillows- Fun Fun Fun Okay!
Subject: Just when you thought I was dead!
Yes, Doctor Adrian is, indeed, alive!
AND! With a new boy toy to play with by the name of 'Tobias'.
xD He's amusing, I think I'll keep him.

Luke, the twelve year old boy who visits my house almost all the time, is having family issues- as usual. Which leaves poor Adrian with a demented child to entertain, while Toby cooks dinner for us.

It's like one big dysfunctional family. xx;

But, besides frequent doctor-trips, I've been doing okay. n.n
I haven't had any trouble paying off bills since Toby forces me to allow him to help. He's an angel. @_@; I wish I could marry him. xD

Mm, nothing else to say, really.

I painted my nails pink. xD

Oh, you know you love me.

Barely legal,
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07-22-05 5:57am

Putting the "fun" back in dysfunctional, ne? XD

Thanks, now I have the urge to do something involving the color pink...

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Re:, 07-22-05 6:55am

The power of pink compels you. xD

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Re: Re:, 07-22-05 7:02pm

Indeed it does. the pink! I... I must have the pink!

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