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pinkicing11 (profile) wrote,
on 7-25-2005 at 9:23pm
Current mood: lonely
Music: Listening To Zoey 101
Season Two Premiere of Laguna Beach on tonight at 10 =] YAY!
I haven't done anything but sleep today. Nap after It's so boring here. Especially today since it was stormy. I called in this morning and I gots ta work tomorrow. YAY! I'm going shopping before I go in though because I haven't spent any of my money from my check yet. I'm gonna try to keep $50 of it home to do me til the next one. Well, nothing to update on so i'm outta here! Enjoy the pics.

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Me and Bobbi riding The Italian Job.

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Me and Bobbi riding Vortex...soooo much fun!

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Me and Bobbi.

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The wave pool...yay. haha.

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This is my not so lovely burn. It kinda just looks like a tan in this pic but it's like as red as the background of my journal. Literally. It hurts reallllly bad =[

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This is the exact phone I have. Cingular, LG - everything. I ♥ it sooo much! I took pictures of it to put on here, but I figured just google-ing it would be much easier to upload onto photobucket.

Image hosted by John Heder (otherwise known as Napoleon) is extremely hot! How in the world...? lol.

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Coby Dick =] Hot, Hot, HOT!

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Even though he's holding a gun...UHUHUH!

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Group pic! hah...2nd from your right ♥

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Displeased, 07-26-05 1:01am

You know what, next time you bait us with a pic of you and bobbi, where we can VISIBLY see a bikini, and then post "Wave Pool" but we cant see you two, in those...we dont have to say it, but you know we're disappointed


Males Who Like Girls In Bikinis of America

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Re: Displeased, 07-26-05 9:51am

Nice Pics Shama! And I understand the burn, my whole backside + my chest was like that at the beach. It sucked majorly. But what can ya do?


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Re: Displeased, 07-27-05 12:31am

In regards to the MWLGIBOA...i'm terribly sorry. I will try to never let that happen again. LOL!

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