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pinkicing11 (profile) wrote,
on 7-27-2005 at 11:31pm
Current mood: tired
Subject: OH what a day?

I'm thinking about making my journal friends only, but i'm not completely sure of it yet though. If you're a woohu user and aren't added yet, leave me a comment!

Today blew up until ehhh 9:30?...Well, me and Sarah went to the pool this afternoon & that was fun. We stayed for like two hours and then got rained out. I got a sexii tan though, that's all that matters. =] Anyway, I came home and was showering and all that business, getting ready for work and mom was like yelling outside so I went out there and my freakin retarded pig was in the front yard. Me and mom tried, and tried to get it back in wouldn't go. Dad wasn't home at the time sooo we were screwed. We were freaking out cuz it kept going down the hill and we were scared it would get hit by a car. Well finally dad gets home after about 30 minutes of that and he easily got it back in the pen. He came in and got ready and it was about 4 (had to be at work at 5) and then, my cousin comes up the hill and she was like you guys' pig is loose, it is on the road by Ronnie & Darlena's (our neighbor) YEA. It got out again...within 20 minutes. So, Dad goes after it again and it took him like 20 minutes to get it back in the pen this time. So, it was like 4:25 before we left. So I got to work either right on time or a few minutes late and Brad was still there, poor guy, he'd been there since 9am...Sonya got there like 5 minutes after I did. She had a tire blowout....I think Denia just picked the wrong people to work today. LmBo. Anyway. Mom and Dad went and got me the Green Day CD while I was working and brought it over to me. That brightened the day a little =] Corey sent me like 5 text messages while I was working (cause he was working too...same hours) and he sent one that was like 'I need to ask you something later' I was like all worried n wondering the resta the time I was working...then I went to the golf place when I got off work...the doors were already locked, he was behind the counter cleanin, countin money and was sooo sweet, it was just me and him inside there and he was like so...are you worried? He like dropped everything he was doing and was like 'Will you go to homecoming with me...?' I was like Um....YES! haha. Yeah. Midland's HC is big. I'm seems so far away but it's not, really. I think Sarah is going with Joe too - so, that will make things easier on me...haha. I'm REALLY excited though. We left to go home about ehhhh, 10 minutes after that. I got home...did the usual, talked on the phone and then got on here. I think i'm gonna go to bed after all Tabi's beach pics load on my computer cause i'm really tired. Gots to work again tomorrow, same hours. YAY...not! lol. I work with Rae =] I love her, she's such a dork. She's so much like me that it's scary. Hmmm anyway, i'm outta here!

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07-28-05 2:41pm

Aww... a HC date for a different school, how cool is that? You'll have a great time don't be nervous about it!


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07-28-05 9:54pm

That's so cute :)

I miss Homecoming! But I guess I have one in college, it says that on our calendar. I just don't know what it is really.. it lasts a few days.


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Re:, 07-29-05 1:30am

Yeah...Homecoming week is always fun.

I'm looking forward to mine and his. =]

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