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xk7x (profile) wrote,
on 8-1-2005 at 1:13pm
man i thought going to cali would be fun but all raelynn wants to do is just go on the stupid computer and talk to her online boyfriend gawd its so stupid i wasted 500 dollars just to fly down her and see raelynn talk to her boyfriend how lame i wish i wouldnt of come
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08-01-05 5:36pm

You can always come back and do some crazy shit with me.

(internet boyfriends are lamezorz.)

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?, 08-04-05 10:32pm

do you have an invitation code? if so may i Pleaz have it?

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08-17-05 4:42pm

I dont know you or Raelynn. But flying down there for someone which costed at least 500 dollars. Either you have a crush on that person or your just really really really good friends.

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