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Paradox (profile) wrote,
on 8-5-2005 at 2:18am
It's crazy, we've been together for a long time, and the emotions I feel are so much stronger than just liking you. and just caring about you. But contrary to popular belief. I don't love you.. yet... So what's the word I use here?
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08-05-05 2:12pm

Keegan, as you know loving someone and being in love are TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT THINGS. Don't doubt that you love her. You talk about how you care about her so much. You love her. Maybe you dont want to see it do. And you might not be in love with her but you definately love her as a person.

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08-05-05 4:24pm

maybe you're emotionally attached?

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Re:, 08-05-05 5:30pm

Jenna... you would say that lol

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08-07-05 9:31am

it would be hard for anybody else to understand seems how our view on love is so much more advanced then the typical high schooler.

no doubt we love the qualities about eachother, the personalities, everything falls under that category except for eachother.

the only thing that holds is back is the mature enough factor, because we're both so young, and with love comes support, emotional, physical, financial..... how can two young kids FULLY be in love when they cant support eachother in every possible way? it doesnt work that way.... so why say that you love when them.. when you know in your future the love will grow and develop into something so much more. thats what we're waiting to do, we're waiting for that perfect out of high school, in the real world experiencing greater difficulties than missing an episode of the OC to multi task english homework and calling eachother, or being afraid that so and so's best friend is secretly waiting to steal one of us away from the other one....... merely ridicoulous... but you know all this... just another one of my love rants. :)

i care so deeply about you, that no... i guess we wouldnt expect many others to understand it would we?!

you're my absolute best friend in every way.... maybe that title alone is enough to sum up the ways that we feel about eachother.

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