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sputnik (profile) wrote,
on 8-12-2005 at 8:42pm
Current mood: lonely
I am so bored. I haven't visited Woohu in forever. I guess I just don't have anything to say. It sounds like people are having fun- and a lot of people are leaving. I haven't seen my friends in forever and I'm starting to go crazy. I'm starting to become a mess and I think I'm having fun at the moment- but I'm fucking up in the long run. Well, I've got to get it together for school soon so I hope this doesn't last. Or that it does in another form.

I'm severly pissed off I missed a Flogging Molly concert yesterday. And even more that I've got other problems that constantly need to be addressed. What is so hard about not going out with other people on seemingly looking double dates when your girlfriend isn't there? Especially since she has never met the people you want to hang out with in the first place.
Is it weird that Jas is one of David's best friends and I have never met him once?
And Jas's girlfriend calls David up and asks him if he "wants to go see tittys with her for her Birthday"?
I'm blowing thinga out of porportion probably but I'm a girl and it feels good. I just don't like being too trusting when all men are dirtbags.
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08-11-05 9:03pm

fuck it. if its bad ignore it and go away from taking the easy way out of this town. im not going to work my way there anymore. im just gonna go.

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08-11-05 9:50pm

Or... you could just be like me and not be able to trust at all. for no reason. either way, it sucks. You should call me and we'll talk. Next week we are FOR SURE hanging out. I'd be mad about that whole "titty" thing. Yeah. I'd be kind of mad. Anyway, I love ya and call me!

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Re:, 09-13-05 12:08am

wait or you could be like me and trust too much, thats worse cuz then we he does something wrong, which they all do eventually its a huge slap in the face that you just werent expecting so it hurts a lot more.

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