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holiday (profile) wrote,
on 5-4-2002 at 7:55pm
Current mood: happy
Music: Injected
Today was fun, even if we didn't really do anything, i still enjoy spending time with you. :)
You are the greatest, best, sweetest, awesomest, hottest, tallest (hehehe), nicest, funniest, most interesting, guy i know. You are the best :)
I'm glad we're together and i'm glad i met you. :)
I enjoy talking to you, for a lot of reasons. But to state one, i can be myself around you. :)
I can't wait till i can spend more time with you. :)
(maybe we can actually get some pics of Butterball:) hahaha, if she's not camera-shy again!
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05-04-02 8:12pm

Ha ha, your the greatest, cutest, smartest, awesomest, and most interesting girl I know. We relate on so many levels. It's great. Your great...and Butterball, well, you'd think after being on the cover of "Cutest Rabbits" Magazine would have quite an ego. Kisses.

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Re:, 05-04-02 8:15pm

yeah, she's always shy around people she likes! hahaha, which, makes me wonder how come she's never shy with me?!? hahaha, anyways, kisses. :)

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