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goose (profile) wrote,
on 8-29-2005 at 7:20pm
Music: Emo raido station
This weekend was purdy good if you were wondering...

Friday i only had one class :) then i just took care of some stuff i'd been meaning to do, and worked a wee bit and then went hot tubbin with that kid...
Then saturday i partied hard with Elisa when we went to visit david at school and couldnt find him cuz he went home so we just went to this random frat funny joke...yeah i compleatly convinced matt that all of that was true, david came home for real and the 3 of us hung out for a while, but yeah i was joking around with matt cuz he was with ben and asked where i was and somehow he believed me...then david went over to his house, we thought for sure he'd figure it out but he just said hey jill davids i said ha! thats why we couldnt find him. He kept thinking it was weird that i left the state and didnt tell him...hehe. then i walked into his house and just stood there. it was so funny. yeah but you had to actually be there. yeah...

im listening to yahoo radio, the emo station its sweet... hehe they play jimmy eat world and fall out boy. jill likes. :)

woo theatre class tomorrow! I am not going to tell you how much of a dork i am because you will laugh, because even my mother laughed at me when i told her what i did, so i will keep this to myself now...hehe
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08-30-05 12:14am

BTW, you posted this in two places. O.o Odd. I have too many classes to read for. I really want to start reading my theatre chapters, but history is taking up all my time. ::shakes fist:: Why, oh why? History chapters are like a bazillion pages long. Crazy old historian-type men. Now I'm just rambling. See you tomorrow.

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Re:, 08-30-05 12:38am

i know what you mean it takes me and hour and half to read my psychology chapters, theyre 45 pages and the text book is bigger than most. it sucks

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