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mle (profile) wrote,
on 9-6-2005 at 11:02am

i wonder why i even bother to breathe.
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09-06-05 3:30pm

You breath to live, you live to forfill your purpose, you forfill your purpose to be content, you strive to be content to make your life easer to bare. If you need any motivation or help thereof... I'm here for you.

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^ ignorance is bliss ^, 09-06-05 5:55pm

after all, i should know.

okay. grammar-nazi jackassery aside...

i suppose there's absolutely nothing i can say that's going to help.

i just hope someone gets thrown in your path that can say the right thing. or at least inadvertantly make you see things differently. i have faith that such a person will come around. however, i doubt that person is me.

let me know if you're in town and want coffee. i have a coffee maker in my room, and am a ten minute drive from standale. no excuses. 893-7952 (cell). 331-0479 (room). 363-3934 (home). 249-3905 (2nd home). those are in order of contact likelihood.

like i said, no excuses. and i won't have any either.

i really hope i don't sound angry. because i'm not.

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