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Paradox (profile) wrote,
on 9-11-2005 at 11:43am
Battles over, we took 5th out of 11. Which isn't bad because when we the other crews started showing up and practicing, we knew, we were way out of our league. Lol. Which we kind of were, but we held our own.

Messed up my knee, I can't bend it any farther than it takes to walk. Boo hoo huh?

Even though it's not okay when we fight, it's worth it to get some of our feelings out there, because in the end, it works out, because we come to have a better understanding about each other, and each others feelings about certain things.

Work from 3 till close tonight, come see me! I'll serve you! Then you can say "YOU GOT keegan"

-K. Loye
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09-11-05 8:24pm

i'd get served by keegan anyday.....

*giggles, im baaad.

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