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H2OforDuo (profile) wrote,
on 9-11-2005 at 6:08pm
My computer is a motherfucker. I am loathing and detesting my precious Oni dear. For some reason, Oni is not liking Gaia, which, since my baka mother thinks all IM programs give computers viruses, is my ONLY source of roleplaying. FAAAAAACKKK!!! *Sob* Yea.

Seven months. Jon and I have been together for seven months. Eight on the sixth of next month. O.o; Gawd. That's a long time, especially for my first real relationship.
It's ca-razy. @.@
I am overly happy, however. He makes me feel happy, and what more can you ask for? I love him. I really do.
You know that you love someone when you write super duper cheezy love poetry all the time.

I have a piano, and that makes me glad. I'm learning to play Hikari and a song from Totoro (YAY! TOTORO!), so that's cool.

Okay, sucky entry, but I gotta go.

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09-16-05 11:55pm

Miss ya. Hope all is well.

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Re:, 09-26-05 6:27pm

Miss you too! *Huggles* T_T

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