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chain-wolf (profile) wrote,
on 9-26-2005 at 1:50am
Current mood: cold
Music: Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex - Lithium Flower
Subject: Just Run!
Just got back from my two mile jog/walk. Starting that up again. Feelin' like my body is getting out of shape. Mmn. Running hurts after the first six laps; ugh. Whatever. Push myself. Got to.
Other than that. Dyed my hair red... er... well... it's kinda like a vibrant redish-orange-neon-color. Eh. Something anyway. Going to put some purple in it later this week; and leave a couple stripes of red maybe, or just one clump to the front for some random reason. Rawr.
Havn't seen Ash in a few days. She usually comes over Sundays. Said she would last I talked to her. Hm. Havn't talked to her in a few days too. Grr. It's Monday right now. School tomorrow. ... 6am on the bus. 9am to 7pm at school. All three classes I realize are in ONE ROOM. ONE FUCKING ROOM. x_x;; Oi... This is gonna suck.
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09-26-05 1:17pm

Life sucks. Girls suck. Guys suck. School sucks. I suck... =D Wouldn't you like to know.

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Re:, 09-27-05 3:02am

You suck, eh? So.. uh.. where do I sign up? >_> XD

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