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chuckitatthewall (profile) wrote,
on 9-26-2005 at 7:51pm
Music: queen. bohemian raphsody (sp?)
Subject: bitchy girl
My sister just imed me and i wanted to complain about her but I dont wanna bother anyone else that I'm talking to cause I must say it is boring.

So we got in a fight when she came home for James Patrick's baptism and I decided to block her. I actually hadnt talked to her in like 8 days which was really really nice. Refreshing. I love my sisters but she wears on me so much. Everytime she says anything to me I just wanna say the first thing that I think of which is usually the meanest. Damn though. Shes so terrible. Shes smacks me and verbally abuses me. I just wanna pound her fucking ass in. Yea so shes complaining about some stupid ass bitchy guy right now. Shes a dumbass..saying how ugly and rude he is. Maybe she should look in the fucking mirror and see how ugly not only her physical appearence is but also how ugly her personality is.

Ok something else that was bothering me. Fucking ass shitty parents.. Doesnt everyone say that when theyre a teenager?
My sister informed me they've resorted to sneaking drinks now because we confronted them about being alcoholics. Goddamn those bitches! why cant they just not drink?! WHY THE FUCK ARE THEY SO SELFISH?!

Ok so in drama we've been doing these things where the people go up to the front and talk about their lives and stuff. I'm learning quite a bit and I'm really really glad Mr. McCaw decided to do it cause now I'm realizing though things in my life do suck quite a bit..everyone has issues too. I should really open my eyes a bit more. Now I feel like a self centered bitch cause I didnt bother to look around and see all the other people with problems. I guess we all have our own types and some are worse than other but I was a real big stupid ass for feeling like mine were the worst. Yea dude. Theyre not. People have told me before but I wanted to live in a cloud and wallow in self misery. To be honest I'd still like that.

Yea lets see..I dunno. Oh yea. Giants suck ass. Snow is going to be gone next season. The Giants wont make it to the playoffs. They will die tonight. Actually in about an hour and half their season will be over and I will cry and pray J.T. Snow goes to a team nearby so I can watch him sometimes. I will cry when he goes because he is so talented and I'll feel bad for him.

Ok Bye dudes.
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09-30-05 1:31am

I like the thing Mr McCaw is doing right now too. It's pretty interesting a lot of the time, and I know that when I was up there it was really nice to have people say how they view you, because I think that's one of my problems is that I don't know how people view me, so I try to think of every possible way that they can view me and end up being all self-conscious or something. But it really felt kinda good. Sometimes I wish I had said more. It's one of those things where you always think of more stuff you wanted to add once you are off of the Hot Seat thing.
yeah but I think you probably know what I mean - about talking about everything and how it makes you feel better. And it's cool because the people in the class get to know you and relate to you, and make all these cool weird observations. But yeah, dude.

That thing about your parents sucks. It's dishonest, sneaking drinks like that. Just because their kids dont see it doesnt mean it's going to make their problems any better! BLARGH! (i like that word) it makes me mad, dude. You guys shouls all get together and tell them that you know they're sneaking drinks now, and it doesnt help. That way they can't get pissed off and punish just one of you or something. But yeah, dude. Maybe I'm just tired so I get pissed off easily, so that makes me mad.

Sorry also to hear about the whole Giants thing, dude. You sure that Snow will be gone next year? There's no way he can stay? Why are they making him leave again?

Man, I gotta go to bed. See you tomorrow dude.

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