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jeeber4u (profile) wrote,
on 9-30-2005 at 3:16pm

Plus this

Divided by this

Equals this

True story.....
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09-30-05 3:17pm

I fucking hate you with all the passion in my soul. *angry face*

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Re:, 10-01-05 1:43am

You know, Amanda, there was nothing to actually confirm that this beautiful little pictogram involved you and Jeeber... until you made this comment. :-P

And Jeeber, shutter-bug that you are, you're telling me that you don't have any actual pictures of this?! I'll pay handsomely...

Finally, why don't you guys get a room?! Oh wait, you guys share an APARTMENT together... your hard-to-penerate walls just don't hold your interest anymore, do they?

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Re: Re:, 10-01-05 8:08am

I was at home for the summer smartass.

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09-30-05 4:43pm's funny cuz they're slopes.

After "divided by this" you should have put a pair of legs. Legs...divided...get it? Har Har.

Nice one Jeebs. At least this one is about you.

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09-30-05 11:46pm

I'm lost.

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