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Tails (profile) wrote,
on 10-5-2005 at 9:09pm
Im sorry for anyone of you who is my friend. I'm such a roller coaster of emotions it must suck for those of you who think im cool enough to still hang around. I found a way to get the money but now im so broke i cant get gas to get to school tommrow...(gah im lame) so anyway. I'm really glad i dont mean the shit i say or id have been dead years ago lol. Well i love all of you cept mish cause she wont get off my ass for quitting arbys even though it was the best thing i could have ever done. i have a new job at 9 bucks an hour so at the end of october life should be sweet again. with this new job ill have enough money to start saving up and get a cushion underneath me for occasion like a 100 dollar book. or something else that is stupid and makes me hate life. money makes me really really really sick to my stomach. i threw up yesterday cause i was thinking about it so much. but then i read my favorite book and life seemed in order again. so yeah i guess im back to another pocket of contentment with my stupid silly stupid fucked up life. *gasp* for fun i did that. ok bye bye kids.
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10-05-05 9:49pm


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10-06-05 6:47am

I'd just like to know what your problem is with me.
It's like you didn't call until you needed my camera, then you blew me off because you just used someone elses.
Then when I see you and say Brad will be picking me up you get some attitude.
Either be nice to me all the time or hate me.

You always said you'd stop being obnoxious or mean all the time but that has never lasted for more than a day. It's like you are two different people.. when you're alone. And when you're in a group.

And I also don't get who you actually like. I'd say no one, because you are nice to peoples faces then talk shit when they leave. I don't get that, 'cause I know when you were sitting on that roof top with all those people who aren't huge fans of mine you had a lot to say.

Now, don't get all offensive and feel like I'm attacking you. I just want to know what's up.

I know you better than you think.

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Re:, 10-06-05 5:21pm


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ehehehehe, 10-06-05 6:19pm

I'm going to mind my own business about up there :P

And I deal with you and all your roller coaster emotions, it's grrrreeat!

Speaking of 9 bucks an hour... talk to that guy for me yet?

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10-08-05 2:48am

Stacy i dont talk shit about anyone behind their back and nothing was said on the roof. the only person who i "talk shit about behind their back" is like 3 people because i never ever see their face cause i dont like them. so im sorry for that. and i didnt blow you off did you expect me to jump off the fucking roof and rush down to you? i couldnt im sorry. and you werent being to nice when i caught back up with you and jenni later and i didnt get an additude when you talked about brad picking you up i just kinda made a noise of displeasre for half a second. im sorry and about kate im not a fucking hypocrit i just thought she looked pretty in the picture...thats it nothing about anything...just that she looked pretty god sake i think that someone look good in a photo. and i dont call you cause im afraid you might be doing something with brad. the only time i ever have time to do anything is on monday afternoons and i know you have a early curfew cause of school so i dont bother and im sure you have plenty of friends to fill up that one monday afternoon in which i could actually hang out with you. and im sorry that you know me better than i think you do. and fucking yeah im two people i always have been and not gonna bother changing it cause well i dont fucking care. sorry. and i just asked if i could use it. and when you didnt pick up at like 8 in the morning when you told me to call i figured you forgot or something. i dont know why the camera issue was so big with you. and if it was a huge issue why didnt you say shit about it when i caught up with you and jenni? sorry. good luck and im sorry for whatever and everything. and mishee....fuck no and fuck you.

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Re:, 10-08-05 9:44am

First of all, I said right to your face that you were being a jerk to me and you acted all innocent. I had an attitdue because I brought the camera specifically for you and you couldn't even come down and tell me you didn't need it. And you said you'd help me out with yearbooks, but blew me off the whole day.. I called you a few times and you never called me at 8. I checked my call log. I don't like how you are an ass to me when other people are around and awesome when it's just us. It makes no sense.

You never called be until you needed something. I've called you a few times and you never returned those calls.
The Kate thing.. I never said anything about the picture. If you thought she looked pretty, fine. I don't give a fuck, but don't talk all this endless shit about her then be nice to her online or to her face. I see that as being hypocritical.

And with the Brad shit, you know you get an attitude anytime he comes up. Like it's terrible I am spending time with my boyfriend. You fucking said, "Where is that ugly tall kid that was following you around all day? Ya know, the cancer lump." etc. I know you don't like him, but that shouldn't be brought out on me.

Anyway, none of this matters. I just figured I'd call you out when I saw something.

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Re:, 10-08-05 12:56pm

"i dont talk shit about anyone behind their back"

please, matt. that is the biggest lie you have ever told.
why do you even bother trying to deny it?
EVERYone knows that, and thats the first thing anyone who mentions you ever says, is how you talk about everyone behind their backs, and are completely two faced.
Everyone knows, drop the act.

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