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pseudo-hope (profile) wrote,
on 10-7-2005 at 12:24am
Subject: card number=81971000225053

i'm at the libary again. blegh. i feel like such a loser. hrm. hanging out at the library at noon....during fall break. woo.

so dutchess and berliouz are staying at this little 'kitty hotel' called 'prefurably cats'. it's kinda cute but really sad. like i've been visting them every other day or so and while i'm there they go into the 'kitty kondo'. it's REALLY pathetic. it's a room the size of a walkin closet with a window. no resembalance to a condo whatsoever. it's such bullshit. they're charging us $400 to let them stay at that place for 2 weeks. fucking bull.
i miss my kitties. i woke up in the middle of the night and i was hugging my pillow and i thought it was dutchess so i petted it.... yeah. it wasn't the same.

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10-07-05 7:51pm

aww sad.

Pet hotels are shitty.


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Re:, 10-10-05 6:16pm

i just got back from seeing them again.....tear.

its not shitty in the sense that it's really.....shitty....but it's shitty that i can't see my kitties as often as i like.

but i miss you more than kitties 'cause i can't go see you.

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