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mle (profile) wrote,
on 10-12-2005 at 10:48am
Music: . dashboard confessional . saints and sailors .
. long time no whine .

well, on here at least.
i pretty much had a complete meltdown on sunday night... and again most of the day on monday. i had several conversations about it with several people, but just about all of them were family or reslife ppl. so they're pretty much required to help me.

i want to quit school.
and i know people would be pissed at me. because, giving myself at least a little credit, i'm smart enough to be in college. it would be a waste for me not to be. but... i'm not smart enough for it. seriously - i'm a failure at life. ken yells at me for saying that, but it's true. and i cannot say it enough.

but right now... instead of venting on here.. because ken just called and interrupted me.. i'm going to go scour the caf for vegan edibles. wish me luck.
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10-12-05 11:10pm

i'm in the same place...

i know i'm not stupid. but there's so much i'm fucking up that everyone else seems to have on the ball. i just have to remind myself that my perception may be drastically skewed in their favor.

and although there are sure to be tons of people out there who say you aren't doing well enough, you're doing the best you can, right? and nobody can realistically ask for more than that from you.

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