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Tails (profile) wrote,
on 10-12-2005 at 9:09pm
Current mood: Scared
Music: creepy sounds from the attic
Subject: best time of the year
Anyone know of any truly scary shit going down around our side of michigan this halloween season? dont say the haunt cause everyone knows that i just want to know if there is anything else thats supposed to be scary as shit? if you know of anything please tell me...also anyone having any kicking halloween partys?
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10-12-05 9:09pm

I'm scary. Rawr.

Halloween, I'm going to the movies with Liz, then we're having a rockin Horror movie night. Totally. Maybe. If she remembered.

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10-12-05 10:50pm

there will be a costume party at my in-laws...

not that kicking.

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erm.., 10-12-05 11:15pm

I heard that.. something with your mom was going down or something...

too scary for me to attend, that's fo sho.


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Re: erm.., 10-13-05 3:53am

haha nice....yeah i heard shes whoring her self out for the night and wow dude thats gonna be scary shit lol

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10-13-05 6:21pm

im having a halloween my house on the 29th

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10-14-05 9:48am

Hey matt its Heather Rathbun How are you doin>? I'm alright down in Tn, i miss everyone up there though :(:( things are goin good though, well i'ma go ttyl!

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12-26-05 1:58pm

Welllll, we seriously fucked some houses up, and had a guy pull a shotgun on us. If that wasn't scary...what is?

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