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wierdo (profile) wrote,
on 10-21-2005 at 9:25am
Music: Wake me up when september ends
Well, i haven't updated this thing in a while.

Hmm......lets see, whats some interesting stuff that has recently happened?

Oh yeah, we had to give my dog tazz away. It was quite sad. I guess my parents came to the conclusion that nobody is ever home to give him attention, so we gave him away. I didn't know he was even gone until 2 days after it. I didn't even know we were giving him away, so that was some bull shit. Besides for my dog, not a whole lot has really happened. We basically rebuilt most of the inside of my house. We took out the kitchen floor, dining room floor, and living room floor, and we put down this wood grained floor. So that was pretty cool. Then we got a leather couch to match our chairs. Then we got a new dining room table, its glass. It has 8 chairs to it and the table sits up like bar counter height. Then we got a bunch of new glass tables in the living room. Then we got a 20" flat screen plasma tv that we put on the wall next to the dining room table so we can watch tv when we eat lol.

So yeah, not like any of that was interesting to any of you, but it is to me cause its where I live, ya know? But anyways, i'm working today, while all of you losers are home because you don't have school. So i think tonight i'm gonna go to the football game. And by the sounds of it i think me and Jessie are hanging out after the game.

Jessie, i haven't seen you or hung out with you since saturday night at my house. So we need to make a point of definately hanging out tonight after the game. We were doing a little bit of joy riding after we left my house lol. You just pulled up to the drive thru at BK, then backed up and left lol. So yeah, we need to hang out cause we haven't in a long time and i miss you and stuff.

But anyways, i gotta go WORK now.

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10-22-05 10:26am

kevin i miss you too, we're both just really busy but hopefully this weekend we can hang out like today or sunday but i'll call you when i get out of work.......i get out at 5 today..

i miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

love jess

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10-22-05 10:31am

come visit me today at work if you have i can see you and you can see my eyebrows lol jk...i'll be here all day

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