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sugarmouse0587 (profile) wrote,
on 10-27-2005 at 3:37pm
i'm sorry. i feel really bad.


i cannot do it, even with people i like. even if the project is super hard, i'd so much rather do it alone.

that way i don't have to depend on anyone except myself and then no
on has to depend on me.

and this time i got forced into the leader position. SARAH COHEN is the most aggressive person in this group. . .

so i don't know how to lead people and they don't do what i ask anyway, so what the hell does it matter?

it's painful. excrusiating.

i don't trust anyone to to their own work right (the way i want it) if they even do it at all, so i take all the work and i can and get mad because no one is helping me.

ps-i think i hate my roomate too.
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10-27-05 8:08pm

you're kidding me, right? they make you have groups in college too. ugh.

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Re:, 10-29-05 9:02pm

yeah. it's really dumb and usless because no on does their work and i get stuck with them

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10-27-05 10:24pm

i don't know. being shoved into the leader position quite frequently - and unwillingly - i know the feeling. but once you get your group to cooperate and you turn out an awesome product, it's the best feeling in the world.

maybe even better than sex. well, the jury's still out on that one.

just keep plugging away beans. it sucks, i know, i'm doing it too. but if you keep at it... you'll... er... not give up. and that means something.

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Re:, 10-29-05 9:03pm

thanks spud. you are good.

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Re: Re:, 10-30-05 1:14am

aww... and you're cute.

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