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xxinterrupted (profile) wrote,
on 10-31-2005 at 11:58am
Current mood: depressed
Jim called last night.
I answered.
He talked, I cried.
Things are worse than before.
He got mad because I wanted to bring Gab over for tricker treating.. he wanted to be with his friends.
I did something dumb last night.
[[I won't ever tell.]]
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10-31-05 12:19pm

If he got mad for you wanting to take Gab trick-or-treating then he has a fucking problem.

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Re:, 10-31-05 2:09pm

yeah, I know. I was like wtf..

at first i told him that we werent going to come, then i changed my mind and said that we would, and that's when he got mad. he was like "YOU KNOW I WANTED TO GO OUT B/C EVERYONE ELSE WAS OUTSIDE." so I was like "yeah, that's fine.. we can still be outside with them, i'm not gonna make you stay inside." then he just kept getting really mad at me, and hung up on me.. ummmm.. no need for that I don't think.

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Re: Re:, 10-31-05 9:28pm

No, you're right. There is NO need for it.
I don't understand sometimes.

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