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kryiekougar (profile) wrote,
on 11-1-2005 at 11:34pm
this is getting bad. i love my psych class and i almost fell asleep in it. i was down at gvsu today. the taco bell they have on campus is crap because they dont have chulpas. i only had one class today
i am starting to get sick of school. i have a job now. i work at subway in cedar on saturdays and sundays. its alright, expect sooner or later they are going to want me to open which means i'll have to be there at like 7 in the morning. and i am not that much of a morning person. on my first day working there i got a big bruise, that was fun then on the second day i spill a sub on me that i had just pulled out of the toaster thing. halloween will never be the same for me. i am not suppose to have alot of sugar. can't really think of anything else that i am willing to publicilly ramble about. later

i think i'm falling.................
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11-09-05 12:39pm

school = sucky.

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Re:, 11-09-05 12:41pm

school does suck
i am not sticky right now
you = dork
you are sitting right next to me right now
as i am typing this and as you did
something hansen

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