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brokenmentality (profile) wrote,
on 11-2-2005 at 9:30am
its been a semi-long while.

halloween was just a normal day for us. we figured we're to old to go trick or treating, and we didnt have my sister so its not like we had any reason to go. instead we went to the outback, and had one of those perfect nights that we have so often. PLUS we got some new games from toys R us.... and that was wonderful.

i havent really been up to much lately. just work, wizard, and keegan. oh and throw failing algebra in there too. but its all good..

i think im begining to slip away from woohu.... i dont really have much to update anymore. it seems so much easier to update when im depressed and upset, like i take the good times and the good days for granted. i dont know... maybe its time people actually had to start getting to know me instead of reading about me in my journal.

yeah.. that sounds like a good idea.
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11-03-05 1:22am

Yeah because I really need to get go know you because your like... a distant stranger.... what was your name again?


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