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stinko (profile) wrote,
on 11-2-2005 at 2:13pm
waitin for class.
waitin for a bass.
hummin a tune.
hummin with a loon.
thinking of you.
thinking at schoo.

i was always so close to you and now you are an hour away. ill make you pay for this i swear it.
well, actually i wont because i just love you and if i harm you at all you wont come back anymore. you will just hang out with your crazy mom, and your fat necked brother, and magoon mcscaryface, and orangy.

i have pickles. i have a cute brother. i have pretty hair. i have vh1. i have a family that thinks gay marrage is a good idea. i have a really cute boyfriend with a disease that makes him even more needy and cute. i have so much to offer you. i have good food, and stools so you can reach the counter to eat it. i have love.

but as of right now i don't have you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
im so sad.
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11-02-05 3:34pm

seriously call me sometime, I haven't talk to you in forever. what's going on? are you at CC? are you still living like over there not far from me? I want teh schoop!

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11-02-05 7:10pm

you are the cutest little bugger ever. you are speaking da truth and it's nice.

you're pretty okay.

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11-02-05 11:48pm

apple pie without cheese is like a hug without a squeeze!

i'll second teh fil.

come out to grand valley sometime and be cool with me.

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11-05-05 2:43am

Goly Jee Wilikers!!! The Benzer is still alive!?! What's going on yo? Haven't seen you since June or so. College life going good for ya?

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11-09-05 12:29pm

im at least four years older and in college!!

cc is where im at.
at home with the rents is also where im at.
workin too much at the old mcd's is also where im at.
they gave me my manager book. it is so freakin huge. it will take me a lifetime. i am so pissed. they are not supposed to give me homework.

thanksgiving is coming up, what the deal. give me a call crazies!!

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