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pseudo-hope (profile) wrote,
on 11-3-2005 at 3:28pm
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so did i ever tell you that i had a half-brother? well i do. his names shane. i never talked about him because we haven't heard from him in 5/6 years. he wanted to go to this 30thousand a year college but my dad couldn't really afford that at the time so he told shane to find another school. he told him they'd pay for a state or community college but not a private fancy smancy school. shane got really pissed and he sent us an e-mail back saying that he hated my dad and a bunch of shit like that. that was 5ish years ago. the closest hes come to contacting us was last spring. he called my grandma and asked about us and where we were and such.

then today i was checking my friend requests on myspace(i know, i'm a stupid conformist) and BLAM. there he is, wanted to be added to my friends list. i checked his blog and apparently, he makes chain mail and jewlery for a living. and hes taoist. is that like buddist?

I have no idea if i should answer him back. i don't know why he'd try to contact me. i just remember when he used to come visit us, and i'd annoy the hell outta him. he had these saftey pins on his pants and i used to ask him what they were for and he would try to explain that there was no use for them, but i never got that.
my parents say it's my choice if i want to answer him back or not, but i don't know what to do.
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11-03-05 7:02pm

i think you should add me on myspace!

umm.. i dunno i want to see him!


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Re:, 11-03-05 8:54pm

hehe kk

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