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wierdo (profile) wrote,
on 11-4-2005 at 5:05pm
Music: Soul Survivor
Don't you hate being stuck at work with nothing to do, when you're not even supposed to be here in the first place? Yeah, well thats whats up with me right now, and i hate it. I started today at 7:30 and i'm not getting out of work until 6 now. I was supposed to get out at 4:30 because my parents were golfing and they were gonna come back when they were done at 4:30. I just knew it was gonna happen. My mom or dad would call me and tell me to stay until 6. And thats exactly what happened. That will be 10 1/2 hours i have worked today. It sucks. So that deffinately sets back my plans for the night. But what ever. So yeah, sorry for rambling on and on about work. I"m sure you all are too.

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11-21-05 3:37pm

she doesnt like you. get over it. move on. dont let her fool you. shes lying.

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Re:, 11-25-05 1:17pm

who are you to comment on something you dont know about?

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