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eyesofcrystal (profile) wrote,
on 11-20-2005 at 9:12pm
Holy Crap!! These past 4 days have been INSANE!! I spent most of those 4 days at school. On Thursday, i was at school for 16 hours (7 in classes and the rest doing stuff after school for the play) Friday I spent 17 hours there, and then Saturday I spent 13 hours there. All of this was for the play. And after being there early in the morning and then late at night, i had to wake up again today and spend 4 hours sewing with my mom for school!! Yikes. I love being with my mom, but not when all we are doing is sitting there sewing!!

So i should sleep good tonight...and thank God there are only 2 days of school this week!!
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12-13-05 2:08pm

Uhh Hello...

Are you still alive??
You never talk to me anymore * sad faces *

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Re:, 12-15-05 6:10pm

Hah, yea Im still alive. And how the heck am I gonna talk to you?? I never see you anymore!! silly.

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