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brokenmentality (profile) wrote,
on 11-27-2005 at 1:04pm
i know have a dozen roses hanging from every corner of my room. not to mention the 6 dried roses in different parts of my room and a vase full or dried rose buds from Scrooge last year. im so spoiled :)

yesterday was rough.... but then it wasnt. and we went to our restraunt (terriyaki and sushi) (btw, im not in the mood to correct my spelling errors) and everything was fine. the servers in there dont even give us menus anymore and automatically bring us 2 waters and big bowls of soup before we even order. *smiles.....

next saturday im going to ann arbor with keegans crew for a battle down there. hopefully it'll be exciting.. im sure it will.

AND we're getting a christmas tree next weekend from one of those old fashion horse hitched amish tree farms.... so we'll have our own christmas tree at his house in the same spot we exchanged gifts last year. the basement next to the couch where we shared our first kiss.

this will be a GREAT holiday season.
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11-27-05 9:02pm

Awe. :)

You called. I called you back. What up?!

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