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Anytngbtordinary (profile) wrote,
on 11-28-2005 at 5:09pm
Long time.

I'm wasting the few hours I have left before I MUST study. EUHGURH
I hate chemistry!!!

So this journal is much safer than xanga. I can easily guess who may read this one...xanga, everyone knows about it so its not somewhere that i can really trust.

Thanksgiving break was amazing, though it did suck that I didnt see everyone I wanted to or get to spend much time with everyone.

Then there were the people I did see that I kind of wish I didnt...

Nick is the perfect example haha...

Its hard even to put my thoughts in here... scary.

I need somewhere to sort things out but how many times do I have to sort this issue out???

I've spent the last few years dealing with it and stressing over it and exploding over it

How ridiculous am I???

Very. Boo.

College was supposed to make it go away...

I was so sure it would.

But nooo...i still make dumb decisions that affect things at home and make me was I thinking???

Blah. I need dinner.


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12-02-05 1:10am

Quit college. Its for losers anyhoo

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Re:, 12-02-05 11:37am

Its true.

I'm telling you...bed and breakfast is the way to is bleh.

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12-03-05 2:11am changed kid...but you didnt change so much that college would make all the drama go away. we thrive on it...hell...soap operas and movies and most music and art wouldnt exsist if we didnt.

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